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Safety Database Management


Safety Database Management in Houston, Texas. Many industries today work with a contractor workforce. These contractors all have different backgrounds and different experiences. To ensure proper safety protocols are known and followed, these contractors are required to maintain updated training on safety procedures. Some requirements are internal to the company. Many are required by the government.


Keeping record of each contractor’s insurance documents, safety trainings, and incident rates is tedious task. Thankfully, there are tools to make this record keeping and verification process much easier for both the contractor and the hiring company. That’s where safety databases help!


The safety databases allow contractors to store proof of all the required training and documents needed for a specific skill or job. The databases also make it easier for the hiring company to confirm that each contractor hired has met all internal and governmental requirements. Having all of this information in one place, often online for easy access, benefits both the contractor and the hiring company.


Bayardo Safety helps companies manage the safety requirements by maintaining these databases. Managing safety databases and confirming contractor compliance can be an added chore to a manager overseeing a project. Bayardo Safety has become the compliance solution of choice for several companies. Bayardo Safety will keep you on top of all of your compliance and regulatory audit needs.


While there are several safety databases to choose from, the ones used most by industry are ISNetworld, PEC, and Avetta. While there will be some differences in the functionality of each database, the common thread is providing an aggregate collection of all required insurance and safety records for contractors.


ISNetworld account management is an important service Bayardo Safety provides to its clients. With more than 70,000 subscribed contractors in 80 countries, and more than 575 hiring clients using their database, ISNetworld is one of the most popular safety database systems available. The clients are in a variety of professions and industries. This has allowed ISNetworld to become vital in a number of industries for managing contractors.


By allowing contractors to submit their company’s information one time, it’s made it easier for the reporting of safety standards and performance to hiring managers. ISNetworld starts off by collecting and maintaining self-reported information such as insurance documents, safety programs and incident rates. ISN reviews contractor’s information against regulatory requirements using their proprietary Review And Verification Services (RAVS) Team. ISNetworld facilitates partnerships to help ensure safer job sites by helping connect safe, qualified contractors and suppliers with Hiring Clients around the globe.


ISNetworld also benefits contractors by allowing them to use their profile to market their services to Hiring Clients. Contractor profiles can be searched and filtered by Hiring Clients, allowing for streamlined hiring and recruiting of qualified talent. The system also keeps track of expiring certifications and sends a warning to the contractor, allowing them to stay ahead of all requirements. The system allows contractors to track and manage all company-level information pertaining to themselves.


ISNetworld makes the contractor qualification process more efficient by reducing the duplicative processes of pre-qualifying and maintaining compliance with each Hiring Client individually. The contractors are able to quickly identify gaps, facilitate open communication and promote transparency.

PEC Safety

Another commonly used safety database is PEC. It was founded as the Petroleum Education Council, an organization that sought to bring together the contractors and key owner clients to promote safety in upstream oil and gas projects. The Safety database grew out of this common mission and goal. PEC helps clients and contractors stay current on critical safety, operational and insurance compliance information.
PEC uses its online contractor management system, the SSQ (Standardized Safety Questionnaire) to collect critical data needed to evaluate contractor qualifications. This electronic questionnaire is able to assess contractor data like HSE, OSHA, EMR, and statistical information by using the services each company provides.


The SSQ becomes a library of important contractor documents, such as the HSE Manuals, Safework Plans, Mechanical Integrity Plans, OSHA Logs, EMR documentation, and Insurance Certificates. The PEC also stores client-specific documents like MSA’s and W-9’s. The PEC also allows users to rate contractors using customized algorithms based on factors that matter most to your company.


PEC allows clients to verify contractor reported data, such as general incident statistics, safety statistics, and insurance coverages, to validate that contractors meet minimum requirements. PEC verifies OSHA logs, EMR verifications, fines and citations, insurance, and training. The software allows clients to customize contractor profiles with badges and photos, along with training information. PEC can even review your contractors’ safety programs for regulatory compliance and best practice. PEC also has created a search and filter feature to allow clients to filter the contractor by a number of factors, such as location and specific turning. This saves the client time in finding qualified applicants.


Another database Bayardo Safety focuses on is Avetta. The software helps customers reduce costs and streamline contractor management through prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. The platform is a cloud-based solution for contractor management. I is meant to reduce the administrative burden of manual processes, allowing customers to focus on business growth.


Avetta uses a proven methodology of communication, evaluation, selection and monitoring to reduce risk and protect your business. The platform can be used to communicate with and evaluate contractors. The software puts all safety statistics and risk profiles in one place for increased visibility and tracking. This can lead to better decision making by analyzing leading factors and historical data provided by the software. The software also verifies all self-reported data so that you have a current, up to date snapshot of qualification data on your entire supply chain. That data is updated yearly,


Another key feature the Avetta software offers is supplier auditing. Avetta’s supplier auditing services includes safety, sustainability, quality assurance, and on-site field audits. This allows organizations to gain visibility into how suppliers implement documented policies and procedures. The supplier auditing service also provides professional feedback and suggesting on improving the company’s best practices.

Veriforce Safety Compliance Solution

The Veriforce Safety Compliance Solution is a software that aims at improving contractor safety and mitigating third-party and supply chain risk. Veriforce allows users to access all of their contractors’ safety program details, including stats, policies, and documents, in a web-based application that offers the flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of clients. The software, based on OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910 and 1926, helps confirm contractor’s compliance with federal OSHA standards and company requirements.

The Veriforce Safety Compliance Solution allows users to eliminate administrative tasks around collecting and validating contractors’ required safety stats and policies. You’ll be able to easily see which contractors meet all of your company’s safety requirements or why a contractor is unapproved in the system. The software gets contractors back to work faster by showing them exactly what must be completed to get compliant in your program. The software eliminates the guesswork.


The software also shows contractor safety trend metrics and insights from Veriforce desktop and field safety audits that highlight the day-to-day implementation of contractors’ safety programs. The detailed audit reports created by the software will allow you to more effectively evaluate a contractor’s safety program quality, leading to better decisions when selecting contractors and trying to minimize supply chain risk.