Operator Qualification Testing

Bayardo Safety LLC is accredited with the top OQ entities in the country, such as NCCER, VERIFORCE, ENERGY WORLD NET, and OQSG.

Bayardo Safety LLC handles the Performance Evaluation and the testing portions of the OQ process.

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Why Work with Bayardo for OQ Testing?

We focus on compliance with regulatory requirements outlined in 49 CFR Part 192 and Part 195, which mandate that pipeline operators train and qualify their personnel to handle specific tasks safely and efficiently. Our comprehensive OQ program includes a written plan to meet these standards.

Bayardo Safety’s operator qualification, encompasses both knowledge tests along with performance evaluations, ensuring that your team is prepared to perform job tasks safely and efficiently, minimizing risks and enhancing operational safety.

Our methods are not a formality; they’re essential for teams to recognize and react to abnormal conditions that could arise in pipeline operation.

If needed, we go beyond initial qualification, offering ongoing requalification requirements tailored to your specific tasks.

Partnering with Bayardo Safety can further enhance your OQ program, ensuring you meet all standards and maintain ongoing competency. With us, you can expect top-tier solutions that promote safety and operational excellence.

We are accredited with the top OQ platforms such as NCCER, Veriforce, Energy Worldnet and OQSG.